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Open Burning Ordinance (sec 3-2-10)

(a) Open Burning Prohibited. No person, firm or corporation shall build any outdoor fire within the corporate
- limits of the Village of Necedah excepting as set forth in Subsection (b) of this Section.
- (b) Exceptions.
(1) Outdoor cooking over a fire contained in a device or structure designed for such use;
(2) Controlled burning of grass or similar vegetation for environmental management purposes, with the prior
written approval of the Fire Chief;
(3) Ceremonial campfire or bonfires, with prior written approval of the Fire Chief;
(4) Controlled burning of dry leaves and other non-offensive dry yard debris during the periods of April 1 thru
May 31, and October 1 thru November 30 of each year; provided however, that such burning is:
- a. Monitored by a responsible person until the fire has extinguished itself completely;
- b. Conducted on days when excessive wind or atmospheric conditions will not result in danger to
public health or safety;
- c. Located off the public street pavement or street gutter;
- d. Located at lease thirty (30) feet from any neighboring residence;
- e. Not used for covert incineration of offensive substances or materials;
- f. Started after 6:00 pm and extinguished prior to 12:00 am (midnight).
(5) Other occasions of desirable outdoor burning not specified by this Subsection, but not as an alternative
- to refuse removal or disposal of which other methods are available, may be granted single occasion
- approval as in Subsections (2) and (3) above.
(6) Whenever approval and special permit are granted by the Fire Chief under Subsection (b)(2), (3) and (5)
- of this Section, the permit may specify and be conditioned on observance of safety restrictions and
- insurance requirements set forth therein.


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