Canoe/Kayak The Yellow River At Necedah

The trip from the Necedah Dam to Crappie Point take out on Castle Rock Lake takes about 4-5 hours and is for intermediate to experienced canoe/kayakers. There are no falls or rapids but the swift currents and numerous deadfalls in the river can make for tricky paddling. Winding through the obstacle course of the many trees fallen into the river can be fun for experienced paddlers, and very tricky where there are swift currents. Logjams often require portages. The forested setting feels remote and wild with lots of wildlife and many bird species. Downstream from the dam, the overhead wires supported by two vertical poles are in Necedah. The trip downstream goes through the typical river bottom lowlands with lots of sloughs, potholes and meanders. The single vertical pole overhead wires are approximately half way to Crappie Point. Shortly after this point the river splits. Take the left channel (river left). Then you enter the Yellow River Wildlife area where the river slows down as the flowage waters are backed up from Castle Rock Lake. When you see the Buckhorn Bridge go to the west shore (right side) to get to Crappie Point boat landing area where a State Park Permit fee and sticker are required.


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