Forms and applications


Do you have information about a crime committed in Juneau County? Would you like to give this information to the proper
authorities, but don't want to get involved for fear of retribution? Then you need to call Juneau County Crime Stoppers. You
may also fill out the form below and mail it to the Juneau County Sheriff’s Office. It only takes one person to make a differencein helping our community stay safe.

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Please be aware that Juneau County requires all dogs 5 months of age and older during this calendar year be licensed prior to March 1st. ALL of the required information must be provided when completing the application. Applications can be
obtained at the Village Office or you can use the one on this page. The Village Treasurer is unable to issue your dog license without all of the required information.
Please be sure to include proof of most recent rabies vaccination with your application. License and tags will be sent back to you via mail, therefore, be sure to note your correct “mailing” address when submitting the application. Please call the Village Office at 565-2260 with any questions you may have.

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The purpose of this "Functional Needs Registry" is to provide emergency responders in your municipality with important information from individuals who may require assistance during an emergency, such as tornado, flood,blizzard, and power outage or disease outbreak. This program will merely provide the emergency response community with information that is pertinent to developing an effective response. This "Functional Needs Registry" in now way replaces the responsibility of individuals to have their own emergency plan

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