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Necedah is a friendly village nestled among majestic rock formations, natural bluffs and pine trees. It is located near Petenwell Lake, Castle Rock Lake, and the Wisconsin and Yellow Rivers. The Necedah National Wildlife Refuge and Buckhorn State Park are close by, and many bike trails are within minutes. The Necedah National Wildlife Refuge offers a 'back to nature' experience..


Historical Overview

Necedah, Wisconsin is situated at the base of a high cliff on the Yellow River, a few miles from its mouth, and is opposite the famous Petenwell Rock. It was one of the most important lumbering towns of this region and was the first place in Juneau County to have manufacturing interests.

The name "Necedah" comes from the Ho Chunk peoples who inhabited the area before the arrival of european settlers and means "Land of the Yellow Waters", a reference to the Yellow River.Settlers began to explore the area in the early 1840's. In 1848 the land was "ceded" to the U.S. government and Thomas Weston and J.T. Kingston arrived in the area and, as was the custom, staked claims by "blazing" a tree on either side of the river and carving their names and date on them.

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